We Recycle IT

Is the electronic waste recycling division of Telecom Computer

In providing a valuable service for our customers, we are also helping save the environment and ultimately, the Earth.

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Who We Are

WEEErecycleIT is the electronic waste recycling division of
teir-1-based IT solutions company Telecom Computer

Telecom Computer is located in Burlington, Ontario. WEEErecycleIT can provide you with a convenient and cost effective way of recycling your redundant IT equipment. Our company is here to help you make sure that all your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is disposed of in an accordance with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) and associated government standards.

We Accept

WEEErecycleIT follows the Ontario Electronic Stewardship
(OES) in which electronic equipment can be disposed of.

We can safely dispose the following equipment:

Environmental Commitment

At WEEErecycleIT, we believe it is in the best interest of our company to be actively involved in
the environmental and social issues of electronic waste.

We must maintain the health of Mother Earth for the sake of both current generations and for generations of the future. A healthy planet means improved quality of life here on earth. WEEErecycleIT firmly believes that we have a responsibility to help in the maintenance of our environment. Just as we try to keep our homes free of debris, we must remember that our planet is our communal home, and treat it with the care and respect of which it deserves.

Drop Off Location

Bring your used electronics and electroinc waste to Telecom Computer at
5245 Harvester Road, Burlington, ON L7L 5L4

Data Destruction

WEEErecycleIT helps in reducing electronic waste by recycling and reusing, and in doing
this many environmental pollutants are erased from our environment.

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